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The World Model Association mission

The World Model Association (WMA) was founded in 2001. WMA is the first worldwide co-operative association for model agencies and models. WMA connects models to model agencies, and to photographer and scouts.

Today more than 34,000 models and more than 6,000 model agencies and scouts are registered at using the advantages of the world's largest modelling industry platform.
As an independent and international organisation, WMA represents the interest of the modelling sector towards the world of politics, the media and industry. WMA defines and monitors standards within the modelling sector. WMA represents the professional modelling sector towards the world of politics, industry and the media. WMA will strengthen the image of the professional modelling sector while assuring ethical behaviour.

The members of WMA benefit from special rates, which support them in practising their profession. Registered models and agencies get a membership card, which give special privileges to the members.

NEW! Immigration Services for Agencies, Models and Artists

World Model Association now provides assistance for VISA applications.

WMA for Model Agencies Photographer and Scouts

Model and casting agencies, photographers and other service institutions of the modelling sector are members of WMA. Only registered members can get in contact with registered models.


Register as an agency here. Register as a scout here. Register as photographer a here.


WMA for Models

The members of WMA benefit from special rates, which support them in practising their profession. You will get a WMA membership card, which provides special privileges for models, as soon as you are a full member of WMA. Only registered models can get in direct contact with agencies, scouts and photographers.


Register as a model here.


WMA for co-operation partners

The World Model Association is seaching for partners in all countries and in many different industries. We are permanently searching for new partners, who want to offer special conditions and benefits to our members. When you are listed as a co-operation partner, your can reach thousands of models and agencies with your services and products. Simply sign up as a co-operation partner at WMA and offer your products and services.


Register as a co-operation partner here.





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